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Why Flat Fee MLS Listing?

Hello, we’re We believe modern homeowners want value, transparency and to keep more equity when selling their homes. Instead of charging a 5-6% commission, Flat Fee Guru offers homeowners four FLAT FEE MLS Listing options allowing them to pick and choose exactly what service they want for a low flat fee. We can provide as much service, like our “AGENT ASSISTANCE LISTING SERVICE”  or as little, like our basic “FLAT FEE MLS” listing service. Our clients receive the exact same tools and MLS system Realtor use all for a low flat fee, all online. We are a licensed California real estate broker and a member of multiple MLS listing services throughout the state of California. is not a referral site who sells your information to others like most other flat fee MLS sites.

We’re Proud of our 5 Star Reputation

“Seeing results is believing. As a longtime, retired CPA, I was skeptical of using a flat fee service. I approached the sale of my condo in Carmel thinking “For Sale by Owner” would do the trick with a couple open houses held by me. What I got was my neighbors, comparative sellers and agents trying to list my house. I hired FlatFeeGuru and once on the MLS the interest dramatically increased and sold my home in a short time.

In the end, we sold the condo for our upfront fixed sales cost excluding buyer agent commission as I was the selling agent representing myself. No additional charges of any kind were paid to FlatFeeGuru.

There is more to the story as one of the two owners of FlatFeeGuru was so helpful in walking me through the nature and purpose of the standard California Real Estate Forms. This walk through gave me confidence to take on the new way of selling property.

Would I use FlatFeeGuru again? -absolutely.”

~ Jim C. Carmel, Ca

Get a Top Alameda County Flat Fee MLS Agent Without The Big Commission


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Save an average of $21,000 selling your home. 0% Listing Agent Fee.

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Complete your listing in minutes, we will place it live on the day and time of your choice.

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Get the same MLS, exposure & tools a 6% agent uses. All online without having to print or scan.

California Disclosures

Documentation is the #1 FSBO concern. We’ve made filing seller disclosures simple and all online!

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What Makes Flat Fee Guru Different?

Listing your home for a flat fee online might seem a little scary for those who have never done it, we get it. Thats why we communicate with you quickly, check out our Yelp reviews, they all have one thing in common…”our communication”. As soon as you sign up for our flat fee MLS listing service you will have contact with one of our founding member. In addition to our communication, you will read in our reviews, we provide outstanding customer service. You have a lot of choices when picking an online MLS listing service, but none of them have nearly 30 years real estate experience, an agent who was ranked as a top 1/2 of 1%  agent nationwide for five years and love to share his expertise, only provides flat fee MLS and for sale by owner agent assisted service, professional real estate photography and for sale by owner transaction coordination service.

Flat Fee Guru offers the most complete FSBO MLS listing services in California. When you hire Flat Fee Guru you’ll know exactly what you are getting – Fast, Friendly and Honest Flat Fee Real Estate Service at affordable prices and no hidden fees, ever! Call toll-free today if you have any questions (800) 839-1981

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

The MLS “Multiple Listing Service” is a database accessible only to real estate agents, where agents list and market properties to other agents.  Also, the MLS acts as a private offer of cooperation and compensation by listing brokers to other real estate brokers. There are roughly 14 different MLS services just in California alone. Most Realtors are only members of their local MLS, therefore only have access to list and market properties locally. Flat Fee Guru is a member of all but 3 of the smallest MLS and can list properties nearly anywhere in the state of California.

How will I know when my property is listed?

As soon as you have submitted your listing on and sign the standard listing agreement, your listing will go live on the MLS and various portals like Zillow, Trulia, redfin asnd We will send you a PDF copy of your MLS listing and you can check it out on

How long does it take to get my listing on the MLS?

You tell us the day that you would like for your listing to go live. It take us about one and a half hours to input your listing and photos. The MLS is “Real Time”, therefore, the second we hit “enter” you listing is available to see on the MLS. In most cases, your listing will appear within one hour on the syndicated sites like Zillow, redfin and Trulia although, some MLS’s are a little slower and can take up to one day; there is no possible way for any agent to speed it up, syndication is out of all agents control.

How will buyers and buyer agents contact me?

Your Flat Fee Guru Agent will insert your contact info in the private remarks section of the MLS listing and in the contact for showing section in the MLS. Buyer’s agents see these remarks and will contact you directly via phone or text or email (however you choose). If the buyer or their agent contacts the Flat Fee Guru Listing Agent, we will give them your information and we forward their information to you via a text message so you can directly reach out to them.

How many pictures and videos can I add to my listing?

Depending on your local MLS, you can upload from 1 to a maximum of 40 pictures ( some MLS allow a maximum of 24 pictures) and from 1 to 2 videos. MLS requires at least one photo of the front of the property.

What is the catch? Are there any additional fees?

There is no catch and no hidden fees.

How do I receive the leads generated by the MLS?

We list your contact information in the broker/real estate remarks section (a section visible only to individuals with access to the MLS – typically real estate brokers or agents). When we are contacted about your property, we immediately relay that information to you (and we provide the interested home buyer with your contact information) so that you can close the deal directly! Think of us as your secretaries. We’re always available to make your home closing process simple and equitable.

Will I pay a commission if I'm listed on MLS?

It depends. If a Realtor brings you a buyer who eventually purchases your home, you’re obligated to pay a predetermined commission/fee to the Realtor. Federal law states that all commissions/fees are negotiable. Most of our sellers pay the agent who procures the buyer around 2.5% of the sale price but it is entirely up to you to decide what fee or commission you wish to offer an agent who procures the buyer. Remember that one of the big benefits of using our flat fee service is that if an unrepresented buyer contacts you directly and purchases your home you will not be obligated to pay any commission.

I have never sold a home this way???

If you have ever listed on the MLS, then you have listed this way.
Sometimes sellers think they are doing something different, but this is not the case.
We are listing on the same local MLS as any other agent, but instead of charging a 2.5% – 3% commission at closing we are charging you a low flat fee.
We have “unbundled” our services. You pay for the service that fits your needs. We are your listing agent. Your listing will look the same, as all other listings. How much you pay us to list is not mentioned on the MLS. The only commission listed on the MLS, is how much you are offering to pay the buyer or leasing agent.

Can I call you to talk before signing up?

Absolutely, you can call us at (800) 839-1981 or email

Where is my property going to be featured?

Your property will be syndicated to over 1000 local and national websites including:©, Zillow©, Trulia©, Hotpads©, RE/MAX©,©, Movoto©, Coldwell banker©,  Century 21©, Redfin©, and more!

Is the MLS that Flat Fee Guru and real estate agents use the same?

Yes! The MLS that uses is the same one used by real estate agents and brokers. All participating MLS real estate agents belong to their local association, so you can rest assured that your property will be listed locally. Agents are able to view your listing and contact you.

Is Flat Fee Guru a licensed California brokerage?

Yes! We are a licensed real estate brokerage:

CalBRE #01922407

Who can list on the MLS?

Individuals who are not licensed cannot list properties within the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). A property can only be listed by real estate brokers, like Flat Fee Guru who pay MLS© fees which allow them to access the MLS©. Real estate brokers are responsible for keeping MLS© listings up to date..

Is Flat Fee Guru for me?

Flat Fee Guru is for you if you don’t want to pay a percentage-based commission, live in California and are comfortable with e-mail, texting and easily filling out populated documents online. If you need a lot of hand holding, then you might want to list with a traditional Realtor.

Have Additional Questions? Contact Us (800) 839-1981

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How Flat Fee Guru Works 


1. Get Started

Choose the package thats right for you. Sign up and tell us when you want your listing to go live. 

2. Set up your listing

We'll send you a MLS input form that you can fill out online. Fill in your home’s facts, set your list price, and send us your photos. 

3. Go Live

We’ll distribute your listing to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and it will appear on all major real estate websites, including Zillow, Redfin, Trulia and

4. Show your home

Agents and buyers will contact you directly to schedule showing apointments. Any call that we receive will be forwarded to you.

5. Receive Offers

Review offers and counters we’ll provide you the needed documents. Sign up for our Premium or Private Sale service and we’ll guide you from start to finish. 


6. Close Escrow

Sold! Celebrate all of the money you saved by selling with Flat Fee Gurus! 

Your MLS listing with Flat Fee Guru is accessible to over all California real estate agents and is automatically syndicated to appear on over 150 real estate sites.

Saving Money With Us Is Simple!

  • Sign up and create a profile
  • We’ll send you our standard MLS listing agreement
  • Fill in your property information, price and details.
  • That’s it. We’ll take it from there. That easy!

We'll List Your Home on the MLS and More!

According to the National Association of Realtors, 92% of potential home buyers start their search online!

  • Your property will be listed in your local MLS, creating the greatest exposure to potential buyers and ALL local agents!
  • Your property will then be syndicated to 100’s of real estate sites. This includes the most popular real estate sites on the web like, Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo,, and more!

Close Escrow!

  • Show your home – agents will contact you directly to schedule showings.
  • Receive Offers – Review offers and counter. We’ll provide you the needed documents. Add our transaction coordination service and we’ll guide you from start to finish.
  • Close escrow – Celebrate all the money you saved be selling with Flat Fee Guru!
Your MLS listing with Flat Fee Guru is accessible to all California real estate agents and is automatically syndicated to appear on over 150 real estate sites.

The Most Complete Flat Fee MLS Listing Service in Alameda County

Technology is taking over the real estate industry. As a result, flat fee MLS listings are rapidly becoming popular in California. With the rise of home values and 87% of buyers using the internet to find a home, sellers are finding out, they can list their home on the MLS for a flat fee and save tens of thousands. 123 Flat Fee was founded by a husband and wife real estate team who were ranked as top 100 Realtors nationwide 5 years in a row. We provide home sellers the same marketing tools, exposure and services a “5%-6% agent” will use to sell your home without the high cost of a traditional Realtor.

Recent Happy Clients

” I was recommended by a friend and am so happy I followed their recommendation. 123 Flat Fee provided outstanding professional photos of my home, had a sign & posted installed in my yard and listed on the M.L.S. within three days of me signing up. I sold my home in under a week and they took care of all the paperwork. I highly recommend their service.”

Alice Y.

Dublin Ca Saved $29,500

“We tried selling our home ourselves posting on Zillow. All we got were calls from agents who wanted to list our home and buyers with creative ideas on how they could buy. The 123 Flat Fee offer was too good to pass up, so we listed with them. I liked the transparency working with them, the fact that I still had control and by us putting a little effort we were able to maximize true market value and put profits in our pocket and not towards an agents BMW payment.”

Scott & Lisa M

Alamo Ca Saved $60,000

“What a great experience, 123 Flat Fee taught me exactly what I needed to know in order for me to sell my home. They provided me with all the tools I needed, gave me advise and made the process simple for me. I think it’s great that there is finally a company helping the real estate consumer. In my case, I was selling a home that is $500,000, my loan was $400,000. All the agents around here wanted a 5% commission. That was 25% of my equity.”
Joe M.

Sacramento Ca Saved $11,500

Flat Fee Guru, Alameda County California’s Best Flat Fee MLS Listing Service

Times have changed. The internet has fundamentally changed how people buy and sell their homes in Alameda County and through the state of California. In the good ol’ days, the seller’s listing agent was an important part of making sure your home was seen by potential buyers. Back then we created listing ads, distributed them to all the local papers, networked our listings what felt like 24/7, took phone calls day and night answering questions about our listings. It was a lot of work! I know, I spent 20 years as a top producing agent; 5 of those years as a top 100 agent Nationwide. Back then, we truly earned or commission. Today however, I can no longer say that an agent deserves 5-6% commission. That’s why we created this website. For smart consumers who don’t mind putting out just a little more effort but saving a lot of money in return.

Flat Fee Guru is a Flat Fee listing provider In Alameda County, California. We specialize in helping “For Sale by Owners” (aka FSBO) list their home on the MLS for a small flat fee instead of the traditional real estate agent listing commission.

The Flat Fee MLS listing process is when a home seller enters into an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listing agreement with a real estate broker who accepts a flat fee rather than the “traditional” percentage of the selling price. The buyer’s broker is still typically offered a percentage though that could be a flat fee as well. A discount flat fee MLS broker unbundles the services a traditional real estate brokerage offers and list the property for sale in the local multiple listing service (MLS). An a la carte method, without requiring the seller to use that brokers services for valuation assistance, showing the property, negotiating, and transaction management. Although, Flat Fee Guru does offer many of these services like transaction coordination and negotiating the purchase agreement. Flat Fee brokers are real estate brokers, just like the national brand names, but offer discounted or unbundled services. Most flat fee brokers do offer full service brokerage services.

In the Alameda County, California local MLS ®, the listing agreement between the realtor or real estate broker and the  Alameda County California property owner “usually” requires the broker to enter the property into the MLS and provide what traditional brokers have coined as “Full Service”. Whereas, with the Flat Fee MLS listing service or an a la carte listing service, freedom of choice is offered to the Alameda County home sellers. In our opinion, that is truly full service because we give our sellers options as to what they want from a real estate broker and pay what they feel is fair for a commission to a buyer’s agent.

Within the non-traditional real estate service market, there are multiple programs offered to property sellers that share the common objective of saving the sellers money by reducing the overall expense of selling real estate. A “non-traditional service” does not automatically entail “limited service”. For example, at Flat Fee Guru, we offer our home sellers the option to add professional transaction management, contract negotiation even professional real estate photography all at highly discounted rates over what the “traditional” Realtor would charge.

Being a For Sale By Owner “FSBO” in the Alameda County, California MLS ( Multiple Listing Service) is not  different from traditional real estate brokerage MLS services. Because the MLS requires a listing agreement between a real estate broker and property Alameda County homeowner, the rapid explosion of discount flat fee service providers has created a gap in the States developing laws governing flat fee services provided by real estate broker. In-fact, the DOJ “Department of Justice” promote the flat fee real estate concept

The main differences between flat fee Multiple Listing Service and the traditional services is, the flat fee service allows the seller to sell as though they were for sale by owner and not pay a commission except for the up-front listing fee. With traditional commissioned real estate agents, if you sell your own property, you will owe the agent a large commission for both sides of the transaction; unless you add an addendum to the “CAR” Listing Agreement removing that clause from the contract. “CAR” stands for California Association of Realtors. The CAR Listing agreement is the standard listing agreement used by Realtors in Alameda County California and throughout all or California and is from The California Association of Realtors “CAR”. Flat fee listing allows the customer to sell similar to a FSBO and with an agent, having the best of both worlds.

Once your home is listed on the A lameda County MLS you are not a FOR SALE BY OWNER because you are listed by an agent. But with the Flat Fee Guru discounted realtor service you still have the option to sell your own property without paying any commissions what-so-ever. We are a discount real estate broker from the normal 5-6% commission. Flat Rate or Flat Fee MLS listing services have been around for years but is fast becoming more popular when selling your property.


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