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Listing on your local Realtor MLS

There are many different MLS service providers in the State of California. Most real estate agents are only members of their local MLS. We are members of all the largest MLS service providers in the State of California. We will list your home on your local MLS. We will have your home listed within 48 hours of you completing the MLS input form and providing us your photos.

Listing Terms

We will have your home listed on the MLS for up to 12 months. You can cancel anytime prior to accepting an offer and pay no additional fee.


Most MLS services allow up to 40 pictures, some allow up to 50. We will post a maximum of 14 photos in our basic package, 25 photos in our Plus and the maximum allowed by your local MLS in our Showcase. Here is the MLS image criteria: Image size refers to the resolution of the photo. MLS requires a resolution of 1280 x 960 or less. If a photo is under the 125K limit but has a resolution of image size larger than 1280 x 960 , compression will occur. If a photo resolution is less than 640 x 480 it will not upload. Photos must be in jpeg, gif or png format. Name your photos in the order you would like them to appear on the MLS. (i.e. 1.jepg, 2.jepg, 3.jepg and so on). Please call us with any questions at (909) 552-6615

Zillow,, Trulia, Redfin & 100's More
​Placement on hundreds of popular local and national realty web sites including,,,,, RE/Max, Compass, and 100’s more.

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Phone and Email Support

With our Basic plan, we offer email listing support. Listing support means we can help you with questions about the listing process of your home. Our Plus plan we offer phone and email support. Our Showcase plan, we offer phone and email listing support PLUS we will help you with your offers, counter offers and any other questions you may have. 

California Contract, Forms and Disclosures

As a California licensed brokerage we will provide you access to all the California required and non-required disclosure forms.

Buyer & Agent Leads Forwarded to You

All interested buyers and their agents will receive your contact information through specific instruction on the MLS and from our platform.

Seller Handles Calls, Showings & Negotiations

Know one knows your home better than you. You are in complete control. Your phone number will be in the MLS so agents can contact you directly to arrange showing appointments and ask questions.

Retain the Right to Sell FSBO

As a for sale by owner (FSBO), you will retain the right to sell your property without any agents involved unless the buyer is currently working with an agent. That means if a buyer comes to you that is not represented by an agent, you won’t pay a buyers’ agent commission. That is not the case with a “traditional real estate agent”, you have to pay the full commission reguardless. 

Easy Sign Up all Online - No Printing Required

Our sign up is a simple 4 step process. (1) Choose the serves thats best for you (2) Sign our standard listing agreement (3) Tell us about your property and write your own description (4) Send us your photos. All online, we use DocUSign for signing the listing agreement. You wont have to print out anything. 

Cancel Anytime

Unlike traditional brokerages, we will not lock you into a contract, if for whatever reason you would like to cancel the listing with Flat Fee Gurus, cancelling is as simple as clicking a button.

MLS Edits and Price Changes are free

Need to make a change? No problem, just send us an email with the requested change. 

Advertise Open Houses on MLS, Zillow & More.

With our Plus and Showcase plans, we will  advertise your open houses on the MLS, Zillow and The Plus plan is limited to two weekends of Open House. We charge $25 for every weekend there after. Our Showcase plan, you can advertise as many times as you would like.

MLS Edits & Price Changes

If you would like to make a change to your MLS discription or change your list price there is no additional fee with our Plus or Showcase packages. We charge $25 to make a change with our Basic package.

Contract Review

With our Showcase package, we will walk you through any offer(s) made on your home. We will offer advise and help you write any counter offer. Our clients have told us, this service has more than paid for its self manytimes over. 

Guided Help Filling Out Disclosures

With our Showcase package, you will work directly with a licensed real estate agent & transaction coordinator. We will set you up on our Glide account ( Glide is the latest and gratest way to fill out California real estate disclosures and make sure you did not miss a thing. 

Transaction Coordination

With our Showcase package only: 

  • All disclosers are sent to the seller using the latest and greatest online technology the Glide systems helps you quickly and easily fill out all the necessary California Disclosures. The system will guide you step by step filling out all the California disclosures all online; without having to print out any documents.
  • All documents needing signatures will be sent sellers(s) through Doc-U-Sign. Again, no need to print anything out.
  • Communicating with the escrow officer from start to finish with all “transactional” documents Of course there will be some necessary contact with the buyer(s), seller(s) and the escrow officer, too.
  • Keep track of deadlines per contract agreement and automatically send out reminder emails and communication.
  • Upload all disclosures, documents, and reports into online transaction management service as they are received or fully executed throughout the transaction.
  • Serve as the main point of contact for all parties. 
  • Provide constant communication with weekly updated and 24-hour access to open files. 
  • A complete copy of all documents are sent to seller(s) at close via a Google Drive link. Printed copy available for an additional fee.

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